Advanced Offers

Tunnel Camps

For flyers, who want to improve their skills in a short time, we organize tunnel camps in the first indoor wingsuit tunnel in Stockholm. The specialized coaches in the tunnel will train you to become a very precise flyer and regarding the small space available will support you to recognize all movements you do in the air.

1 & 1 Coaching

For a very personalized training you can make use of the opportunity of 1 & 1 coachings. You get your personal wingsuit coach, who will fly with you and train you in the air to your needs. To improve the learning curve, we offer audio communication in the air, to make the coach able to give you instructions during the flight.

Team Training & Video

To improve your team skills, you can book our coaches to train your team. It does not matter if you are doing acrobatic of performance flying. To get a perfect video of your performance, you also can book the coach as camera flyer for competitions.

Commercials & Demo Jumps

You need material for commercials or want to show your visitors an air show? We can do professional videos in cinema quality as well as demo jumps. For the demo jumps we are using smoke, so your visitors are able to see us flying in the air.